OUR TEAM, the level

We have a multi-level price structure. Our Team’s prices are based on their demand and not their level of experience.  Each of our TEAM has met required classes and certifications at each level.

The New Hire: Are New Ohio Licensed Cosmetologist or someone who is looking to further their career are enrolled in 6-12 months of Hands-On training with a Mentor.  Either way they are a vital part of our salon team.  Spending time each week for one on one trainings in all aspects of our salon and the services we provide. Available New Hire Brecksville Jessica...Hinckley Bevi


 The New Talent: A graduate of the New Hire Program, each of our New Talents are now serving their own guest on the design floor.  Each have attended Redken Specialist Training and The Redken Exchange for Cut and Know Why.  They currently are building their guest list and continue to attend all in salon trainings as well as many other out of salon trainings for Color and Design.  Available New Talent Brecksville Anne and Alyssa.  


The Jr. Associate: Has achieved the goals set and are promoted from New Talent to Jr. Associate.  They are now seeing 70 guest per month with more than half being in color sessions.  They have attended Redken Exchange for more than 2 sessions on Color, Design and Finish.  They will continue to attend all in salon education and Redken Master Specialist program prior to promoting to next level.  


The Sr. Associate: At this level, Sr Associates will be working toward becoming  Redken Certified Hair Colorist.  Mastering their craft and grounding their talent.  Seeing 90 guest per month, 70% of which are returning request guest. Available at this level Jennifer and Serena.


The Master: Generally have 5 years or more in salon experience.  Have become Redken Certified Haircolorist, and attends advanced Redken Exchange Sessions 1-2 times per year.  They are working toward advancing to Mentor and begin to engage on training our New Hire/New Talent and becoming a Redken Certified Design Stylist. Seeing minimum of 100 guest per month, majority color/design guest.  Master Stylist available, Mindy.


The Mentor: Working side by side training and mentoring our New Hires.  They will spend 12 months with them, training and supporting the growth of each New Hire.  At this level, each is seeing 110 guest, pre booking 90% of their guest.  Attending advanced training at the Redken Exchange in NYC, as well as Redken Certified Hair Colorist and Design Stylist.  Available Mentors, Jo Ann, Lena, and Debbie Palmentera.




The Session...Design, Finish, Color, Nails

The Consultation

We provide a complimentary consultation by appointment to answer questions and make recommendations that are best suited for our clients.


Design & Finish Session

Guest receive a Consultation, Cleansing Massage at our Relaxation Center, Design with Finish at each session.

One In-Between Fringe Re-Design is complimentary to our returning guest.

Women's Design Session  $34-$46
Men's Design Session $24-$36
Youth Design Session (up to 17) $26-$38
Youth Boy Design Session (up to 17) $16-$28
Children's Design Session (age up to 13) $14-$26

Fringe (bang) Re Design for all ages on a walk-in basis.  $9

Blow Out/Finish Session  $19-$27

Redken Chemistry $15

Additional Finishes
Including ANY Additional Iron/Curl/Roller work are an additional $10 per 15 min.

Special Occasion Session

$45-$75 and up (1 HOUR Session)
each additional 15 min. is $10, ALL Special Occasion Sessions are done on clean dry hair.  Additional Blow Out Fees apply if needed.

Bridal Parties welcome...Please call for more information on our Bridal Party policy 


Color Session

(Price may vary on stylist, thickness of hair, length, etc.  We enourage to ask prior to session with our stylist)


Single process color for enhancing your natural color, cover/color gray, or simply to add beautiful texture and shine....

Starting at $31-$41*

Includes consultation and 2oz color application.  Additional color may be needed to some of our Guest, a $19 per 2oz will be applied



Add depth and dimension to your hair color with highlights or low lights.

$4.50  per foil (up to 10 foils)


Creative Color.....PURE Creativity

(foil and/or color service)

This is where our creativity grows... Creating a look with the placement of foils and color will complete EVERY design! 

Pricing is based on the amount of foils and colors that are used.

11-30 Foils - Starting at $46-$66*

31 Foils or more - Starting at $56-$86*

*When we are creating your desired look, some additional color may be requires. Accents and multi-tonal creative color which require additional color are an additional $12.50.

Preserve your color with Redken Chemistry $15



Color Session for Men
Redken Color Camo For Men  $25-$37


Corrective Color

Begins with one-on-one consultation with a Salon joVon Team member.

Prices vary. Corrective color begins at $51-$91* per hour, and may require several visits.  All pricing is based on hours and service sessions provided.  Please inquire prior with a Salon joVon Team Member for a projection on price.


Chemical Texturizing Session

Include with each, Design & Finish, additional fee for pre/post treatments

Perms. Design & Finish included. $56-$76

Designer and Spiral. Starting at $51 per hour wrap time. Prices vary.

Curl removal. starting at $61

Redken Chemistry $15





Hair Removal

We use NUFFRE Nudesse Finipil Professional Hair Removal, which is a

soy-based antimicrobial liquid system. Wax free, sugar free. Made in the U.S.A.

Facial hair removal services are available on a walk-in basis.

Price based per area $14



Nail Session

OPI/Creative Nail Products Used for ALL Nail Sessions.  Ask about our CLUB cards..ALL Nail Sessions are available with many of our salon team, Brandy our Nail Tech has over 15 years of experience.


Natural Nails

Manicure $19-$23

Spa Manicure $23-$27

Sport Manicure for Men $16-$20


Shellac Gell Polish

No Chip...the Manicure that LAST 2 weeks



Artificial Nails

Full Set $54

Fill $31

Repairs $5

 Pink/White additional $10


Pedicure Session

Guest enjoy hot stone soak in our antimicrobal bowls.  Side by Side Pedicures available.  We use and recommend OPI and Creative Nail products on all our nail sessions.

Express (30 min up to ankle) $32-$42

Spa (40 min, up to calf)  $42-$52

Ultimate (50 min up to knee) $52-$62


Treatments and Finishes

Polish Change - Hands $15 Toes $15

French Finish $5 additional

Nail Art prices vary

Paraffin Hand Treatment $7



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